Why don’t you…

In honour of my heroine, the incomparable Diane Vreeland who pioneered the Harper’s Bazaar column ‘why don’t you’, here is my weekly instalment of recommendations to bring something a little more extraordinary to everyday life.

…Visit Living Colour, the retrospective of Lee Krasner’s life work, the first of its kind in 50 years in Europe. The Barbican is the perfect canvas for Krasner’s huge and violent paintings to be viewed. Bold, sharp and constantly evolving, the artist was married to Jackson Pollock and seeing how the pair influenced one another’s work is fascinating. 

…Learn a little more about how the internet is shaping our identity by reading this piece from the New Yorker.

…Prepare for winter melancholy by booking tickets to see Lana de Rey on her 2020 tour.

…Indulge your inner 16-year-old girl and get your ears pierced at the Maria Tash boutique in Liberty. I have done my research and the conch and forward helix orbit are where to aim the needle. Ask for Ethan who is the no-nonsense, highly professional equivalent to the woman in Claire’s who pierced your lobes 15 years ago.

…Make a cup of tea and immerse yourself in the New York Times ‘Tiny Love Stories’ which are the most human and heart warming snippets of real-life love, all written in less than 100 words. 

…Enjoy the final weeks of August by buying all five of the Cazalet Chronicles for a hit of English nostalgia before the nights begin to darken. Elizabeth Jane Howard makes me nostalgic for an era which lived and died decades before me. 

Lauren Saving

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